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Hello! I have this game here, on How can I get steam key? Thank you!

I had the green light from voting ... but did not leave a comment. Do you now give even the Steam keys? The game had been already down.

I'm sorry, I meant I would give a key once the game is released un Steam if you bought the version. Sorry guys, my fault :(


Key pls voted :D

Woited on greenlight. Like others wayt for a key.

Can i have a key please


key :D

voted and wait for key, thx

key please and voted on greenlight

Voted thanks for the key :)

Voted on Greenlight


Voted :) Looking forward to the key

key!!!! please!!!!! i woted))))

Hi i also voted on greenlight for this game can i have a key

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Hi, i voted on greenlight for this game, may i please have a steam key for this game.

Thanks in advance.

- Saqrez

Sure! I'll give a Steam key to everyone who has an key once the game is released there. Just make sure to talk your friends about Death Injection to make things faster!

Thanks, i will let my friends also vote.