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Hi! I'm Joel, a 15 years old student from Spain. This is my first game, I've been working last months on it while I was learning programming. It isn't finished yet, but everyday I'm working harder. If you like the game and you wish to support it I strongly recommend you to buy it now, because the price will probably be raised a euro or so, and you will support me :)

Year 2151, the world is now ruled by a supercomputer, that cannot be harmed. The last few humans code a computer virus, named Death, whose purpose is to destroy the computer's server and free the humanity. All their hopes remain in you. Death Injection is a top-view plataformer, where you use your powers to increase your speed, kill enemies, go trough walls... There are many features yet to be seen and many levels to be hacked, enjoy!

Main features:

  • A very energetic soundtrack!
  • Surprising levels!
  • Lots of collectibles!
  • A tutorial! (how else can you learn to play?)
  • An active developer! (wut?)

Future plans:

  • Even more exciting tracks!
  • 50+ levels!
  • A high-score system of some sort!
  • New mechanics such as:
  • Enemies (done, yet to be implemented)!
  • Moving platforms (done, yet to be implemented)!
  • A proper story (It's already written, but it's not in the game yet)!
  • Bossess!

Make sure you follow my IndieDB page to follow the development and try the demos!

And contact me if you want! Mail: joelperezferrer@gmail.com


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Hello! I have this game here, on itch.io. How can I get steam key? Thank you!

I had the green light from voting ... but did not leave a comment. Do you now give even the Steam keys? The game had been already down.

I'm sorry, I meant I would give a key once the game is released un Steam if you bought the itch.io version. Sorry guys, my fault :(


Key pls voted :D

Woited on greenlight. Like others wayt for a key.

Can i have a key please


key :D

voted and wait for key, thx

key please and voted on greenlight

Voted thanks for the key :)


Voted :) Looking forward to the key

key!!!! please!!!!! i woted))))

Hi i also voted on greenlight for this game can i have a key

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, i voted on greenlight for this game, may i please have a steam key for this game.

Thanks in advance.

- Saqrez

Sure! I'll give a Steam key to everyone who has an itch.io key once the game is released there. Just make sure to talk your friends about Death Injection to make things faster!

Thanks, i will let my friends also vote.